Review Of Top 10 Project Management Software

In 2015 businesses around the world are excitedly looking towards managing their projects with these top 10 project management software. They want them to be managed smoothly and successfully. To achieve this, they have to raise the quality of their project management. Their teams need to function efficiently. By using the appropriate tools, their team members would be able to give a much better performance and guide the projects to successful outcomes.

I am hereby listing 10 best online project management softwares that would provide various benefits for businesses while managing their projects. So they would be able to bring a remarkable turnaround in the way they conduct their business operations.

1. Basecamp :
Rating : 4.5
Basecamp project management software facilitates communication and collaboration in projects. Its simple nature, ease of use has made it a highly sought after tool for small businesses, freelancers and other organizations associated with managing projects. The advantages offered by it include archiving of past projects, allowing private communications, viewing members’ calendar of to-dos besides others. Its prominent features are:

  • Collaboration
  • Task management
  • Milestone tracking
  • Email integration
  • File sharing

2. ProofHub :
Rating : 4.5
What makes ProofHub so liked among its users is its ability to allow them simultaneously manage their projects and communicate, collaborate with their team members, clients from a single central place. Moreover it is simple and easy to use project management software. This application saves businesses from the hassle of using multiple tools for managing their projects. From this single tool, they can assign tasks, share files, monitor progress and indulge in discussions. Custom roles enable granting privileges for controlling access to project data. Notes promote collaborative writing for developing the ideas further. Its proofing tool helps to review designs while chat facilitates rapid and convenient communication. Pronounced features in ProofHub consist of:

  • Discussions
  • Group chat
  • Reports
  • To-do lists and tasks
  • Gantt charts
  • Time tracking

3. Zoho  :
Rating : 4.5

Zoho Projects a web-based project management software proves its versatility being used by freelancers and managers working in large enterprises. It does a great job when it comes to planning and tracking a project, so it runs as scheduled. Improved collaboration and communication enables team members to be on the same page. It also has got the bug tracking capability which comes handy for organizing, tracking and fixing bugs that surface in software development projects. Its prominent features include:

  • Timesheets
  • Reporting tools
  • Document management
  • Project chat

4. TeamworkPM :
Rating : 4.0

Project managers and team members who want to get things done will be pleased with this project management software’s usefulness. It is a simple to use application that improves management and communication in projects. The workflow is rendered efficient. Its positives are easy navigation, team management features, holding together important documents and easy accessibility to all team members. It also facilitates client work and documentation creation. This application’s main features are:

  • Task management
  • Milestone tracking
  • File management
  • Time tracking
  • Calendar

5. Asana :
Rating : 4

Asana project management software finds great use among companies and teams working on projects. It enables teams to hold together their tasks and conversations making them organized and work productively. Their dependence on email also gets reduced. Thus they are able to save time on communicating through email and spend more time on doing things. This application helps to establish accountability among team members by tracking due dates. Its key features are:

  • Task management
  • File sharing
  • Milestone tracking

6. Podio
Rating : 4.0

Right from the startups to big companies have been using Podio for communicating, organizing and tracking their work. It enables them to maintain transparency and accountability at work. They are using this application to run their projects and company departments. The highlight of Podio is the flexibility it imparts to organizations to create their own apps as per their work requirements. They need not be proficient in IT or coding while creating them. It’s noteworthy features are:

  • Task management
  • File sharing
  • Bug tracking
  • Milestone tracking
  • Mobile
  • Integrations

7. LiquidPlanner :
Rating : 3.75

LiquidPlanner stands different from other project management softwares due to its realistic and reliable scheduling capabilities. It considers uncertainty in a project and accordingly gives an estimated date of work completion. Its ease of use, flexibility and power it grants has boosted its acceptance among teams working on projects that necessarily require scheduling. This tool promotes team collaboration, streamlining of processes and faster completion of tasks. Its glaring features include:

  • Time tracking
  • Reports and analysis
  • Team planning and coordination
  • Project collaboration

8. Producteev :
Rating : 3.5

Producteev project management software is suited for businesses of varying sizes. It comes handy for managing and scheduling tasks, tracking their progress and organizing team projects. Team members located in different geographical locations are able to communicate and collaborate with ease. They remain updated on activities happening in projects. These are some of its noteworthy features:

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • File management
  • Email

9. Smartsheet :
Rating : 3.5

Smartsheet is being extensively used across organizations for managing various types of work. The point that works in it’s favor is its ease of use and having a spreadsheet-like interface which breeds familiarity. It promotes collaboration among teams as they work on projects and tasks. They are able to track their marketing campaigns, plan events and manage operations. It enables businesses to boost their productivity. This tool’s prominent features are:

  • File sharing
  • Gantt charts
  • Calendars
  • Resource management

10. Bitrix24 :
Rating : 3.5

Many organizations are using Bitrix24 for smoothing their communication and collaboration. It employs social intranet feature for easing communication. This tool helps to boost employees’ productivity and renders internal operations smoother. Its features which merit attention are:

  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • Document sharing
  • Conversations
  • Workgroups
  • Gantt chart


Businesses looking forward to managing their projects professionally and efficiently in the new year will find these tools to be of great help. Their use will result in more positive outcomes for their projects.


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